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The Freelancer API allows developers to create new and innovative ways for freelancers, employers and even other software to interact with the largest global jobs marketplace. The API allows developers to utilise the entire functionality of

The Freelancer Developer Wiki is a technical reference for developers interested in the Freelancer API. All content is created by the Freelancer team, with help from our developers.

The developer wiki is still under construction, we will be adding more content continually. In particular we will offer a full set of bindings for all the most popular languages, as well as an expanding array of Sample Code.

Join the [ API Developer Mailing List] - This is the official mailing list, feel free to ask questions/discuss ideas/look for testers.

  • July 19 Update!
    • We've added some highly requested API calls. The newly released API functions include: loadMessageThread, getBalance, prepareTransfer, getWithdrawalFee, getConfigVersion, getTerms, eligibleForTrialProject, getProjectlistForTransfer, getCategoryJobList, getMyJobList.
    • Some XML format changes have been made to existing calls to allow easier parsing of nested XML structures, and some minor bug fixes.
    • See the individual function pages for more details, or see the mailing list!

Road Map

  1. Familiarize yourself with the API overview
  2. Register your application
  3. Familiarize yourself with the authentication overview
  4. Use our sample script to generate some example API calls
  5. Scan the API specification
  6. Study the detailed Authentication diagram
  7. Implement your application
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